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Improving The Health Literacy Of Patients

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Health & Medical
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Running Head: IMPROVING PATIENTS HEALTH LITRACY Improving Health Literacy of Patients Name Instructor Institutional Affiliation Date 1 IMPROVING PATIENTS HEALTH LITRACY 2 Improving the Health Literacy of Patients Nurses and other medical officers play an essential role in ensuring that patients are well informed about various health-related issues, concerns and their well being (Rothman, 2016). According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this knowledge assists the patients in improving their health literacy as they get the opportunity to understand the basic concepts of health and well being like illnesses, body function and regimens of treatment and care. Nurse’s Role in Improving the Health Literacy of Patients Nurses play a significant role in creating awareness of health-related issues and concern amongst the patients thereby making the patients to be proficient health literacy. Through this proficient health literacy, the patients can avoid various risks relating to health since having poor health literacy skills increases the patients’ risk of not receiving treatment on time or sometimes they may receive treatment when it is a bit late. The patients may also face the risk of the wrong dosage of a drug through incorrect medication and other dangerous mistakes. Having poor health literacy may also cause patients to experience poor treatment outcome than those patients with well-advanced health literacy (Batterham et al., 2016). Nurses also play an es ...
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