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It Problems And Solutions For Small Businesses

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Running Head: I.T. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Information Technology Problems and Solutions for Small Businesses Name Course Tutor Date 1 I.T. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 2 PART A Introduction Never before has there been a need for seamless integration of technology in business in a society that is undergoing rapid change socially, politically, economically, and culturally. This is not to mention its twin concept of innovation and innovation management. Some publications have been focusing on the latter, considering the light of the knowledge economy in which we are living in. Effectively, technology and innovation go hand in hand and inextricably linked. However, these publications tend to focus on technology management in large companies and leave very little room for small businesses. Consequently, there is an air of disproportionality in the amount of research activity taking place when it comes to the small business area. When it comes to technology management in large organizations, the seminal texts have concentrated on concepts such as "disruptive" technology, open-platform innovation, the minimalist, elegant UI/UX. While large organizations are good at technological management, small businesses, however, are good adopting new technology, though implementing good technology becomes an issue and might not end up being business-viable. Research Methodology What research methodology are you planning to use and why? The research will take on a qualitative methodology angle b ...
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