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Are 115 a problem set 2 done1

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Name 1: Name 2: Name 3: ARE/ECN 115A Student ID 1: Student ID 2: Student ID 3: Problem Set 2: Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy Due: Oct 21th, 2021, 11:59 pm. Fall 2021 Instructions: During this problem set, you will use a real household-level data set to evaluate changes in poverty and inequality in South Africa in the first decade after apartheid. If you have any question about this problem set, contact the TAs or the professor. 1. By writing your name above and submitting this Problem Set, you are agreeing to adhere to the Copyright statement and the Code of Academic conduct as highlighted on the course syllabus. 2. Download this PDF file to your computer and open it using Acrobat Reader (the free version of the software). Trying to fill it in through your internet browser or with another software may cause some features of this document not to work. 3. You will make extensive use of Excel in this Problem Set. If you do not have Excel already installed on your computer, please refer to the “Additional UC Davis Resources for Students” page on Canvas (under Modules/Syllabus & Student Resources). 4. You can work individually or in groups of up to 3 members. You can use the discussion board page on Canvas to find group members. 5. Your group will turn in a single PDF of the problem set on Gradescope. Indicate the members in your group on both this pdf and on Gradescope at the time of submission. That is, when you upload the assignment, you must identify all members ...
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