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Emergency Operational Plan

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Running head: EMERGENCY OPERATIONAL PLAN Emergency Operational Plan Student’s Name Institution Affiliation EMERGENCY OPERATIONAL PLAN 1 Emergency Operational Plan Part 1: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Community Disaster Awareness Disaster Awareness: Property Damage Date to air announcement: Name: Phone: E-Mail: DISASTER AWARENESS: PROPERTY DAMAGE It is hereby announce to the community residents on the increases rate of property damage within our society. In the past few months the number of complaints filed with the police regarding damage f property has increased so much and we would like to alert the public to become more vigilant. The acts of property destruction not only cause loss to the people but it is a stroke on the state’s economy. The time to keep a strict eye on our brothers’ property and ensure they are safe in now and onwards. The place to start with should be at the family level and extend to the neighborhood. The major reason to be a brother’s keeper is to avoid losses and damage of property that will lead to mass damages on everyone’s property hence pulling down the state towards poverty. EMERGENCY OPERATIONAL PLAN 2 Part 2: Audience and method of ...
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