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2 Essays For Sports Media Strategies Class 1

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1 Running head: SPORTS Sports Institution: Date: SPORTS 2 Opinion Brief #1: NFL is a mobile App that is widely used in the pop culture. The app serves interests of many people across the world today. I have been using this app for around two years now, and it is one of the best mobile apps when it comes to streaming of sports activities. The best thing about this app is that it has a simple interface to use. This makes it easy for any person to use. In fact, it can be used by both the young and middle-aged as well as older people who love sports. NFL app offers the best services in the contemporary society especially in this era of pop culture. With NFL app in one’s smartphone, an individual need not worry about watching sports or anything that relates to sports. For those who love basketball, football, rugby and any other form of sports, NFL app offers all that. What else does one need then? This is an evolution that is being witnessed in the current society. It is the right step towards revolutionizing the world. The new technology has been and still is helpful. Technology and invention are making things easier in a way that soon there will be a little to be undertaken manually. NFL app is the best if not the finest when it comes to live streaming of games, highlights, trending videos for those who are fans of videos as well as replays of any game (Guim, 2017). This makes the app useful because an individual can watch replays of games when one misses their favorite ...
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