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Garnishment Process 1

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1 Running head: Garnishment process Garnishment process Name of student Institutional affiliation Date Garnishment process 2 Abstract In the recent time, credit consumption is the big business in many nations. The credit and financial institution extend the financial assistance to the people in the time of need. The loan repayment challenges from credit users arise due to increasing use of credit facility. This situation has necessitated the introduction of the wage garnishment process which orders the employer to deduct a certain amount from the employees. This paper aims to explore the concept and guideline of the executing the wage garnishment employers through the court order. It deals with garnishment process, legal matter governing, and challenges faced by multistate employers Introduction The use of credit facilities has increased due to financial difficulties among the individual. As result repayment process for the credit facility has become the problem prompting credit institution to utilize the legal process such as wage garnishment. This situation refers to a court order that requires employers to give up a certain amount of employee salary to pay off the debt. This procedure may be from the Internal Tax Services (IRS), state or federal state, or one loan. The employer's answer to the request but depends on the nature and the employer's sequence of acceptance. It used in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Districts of Columbia and all US states. Lenders and financi ...
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