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Ice Cream

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Running head: ANALYSIS OF THE VIDEO ON BEN & JERRY ICE CREAM ANALYZING THE BEN & JERRY ICE CREAM COMPANY NAME INSTITUTION AFFILIATION 1 BEN & JERRY ICE CREAM COMPANY 2 Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Question 1 The personal values of the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are one’s that can be listed with regard to what has been presented in the video. These values include: • Hardworking • Ideological • Socially responsible • Cautious • Smart in managing their business • Visionary • Risk takers • Prudent in the management of their business affairs • Realistic • Optimistic Question 2 When one looks at the personal values and how they have influenced the development of the business, there is a lot of insight that can be gained from the story of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream. One of the major personal values is that of hard work. It is the observation that the founders of the company built it from scratch, and this is in line with its endeavor to prudently manage its financial resources. It should also be noted that the founders had to learn how to make ice cream, a course that they both shared in costs and passed with the highest grades. It shows th ...
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