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The Failure Of Kodak Company

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Running head: FAILURE OF KODAK COMPANY The failure of Kodak Company Student’s Name Course Institution Instructor’s Name Date FAILURE OF KODAK COMPANY 2 The failure of Kodak Company Kodak was a well-renowned company that got into the global market with a bang, only to see it collapse decades later. As one of the world’s most recognized brands then, it enjoyed a lot of market share in the global market. However, its strategists failed to formulate mechanisms that would ensure the company remains competitive and very innovative in the industry ("Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology," 2018). Kodak’s problems began when the impact of technology in the globe was evident in every industry and every single aspect of life. To double the troubles, Fuji Corporation, a Japanese firm got into the industry and managed to enjoy a significant market share both in Asia and in the United States of America (Melvin, 2018). Fuji could produce the print materials at a relatively lower cost compared to Kodak. Competition stiffened, and Kodak could not survive the pressure in the market in which it sought bankruptcy protection in 2012 from the court. It finally collapsed only to reviv ...
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