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Introduction -
Michel is a 15 year old 10th standard student. Her father is an engineer in private company,
and mother is a housewife. Michel has one sister, which is 3 years older than her. Parents are
caring to them and their school too. Michel likes to play guitar and other musical instruments
very well.
The strength of the Michel include -
Knows all most three to four languages,
aptitude to share a best knowledge with her friends,
takes part is all discussion of the science and social studies,
grade suitable skills in mathematics and reading
Aware of the social skills (For example, behaving well to elders)
While studying the class, Michel's class teacher has notes some areas to think for -
She look likes uninterested
She hardly ever completes her assignments
She is not finalizing assignment draft; reads with some errors
She is not bringing necessary materials and books to class
She talks constantly, forgets answers in class debates, often disturbs teachers
She does not seats properly and walks inappropriately
She distracts other students while working
Her class teacher has talked these concerns with Michel's other subject teachers and they
found that the reckless and hyperactivity was already observed other subject classes.
Her class teacher held a meeting with Michel and her parents after school time. While
meeting, it was determined to concentrate on enhancing number of assignments for her.
Michel's parents expected that the disruptive behaviors would routinely shrink if Michel
spends more time for doing his work. Her parents also experienced that if she was motivated
to fulfill her assignments, she would carry the necessary materials and books. Her class
teacher also said that completing assignments is most important goal and aim for her.

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Michel's class teacher has made following strategies and accommodations to help Michel to
enhance the amount of assignments.
Class teacher has given printed sheet, which explains the requirements and time line
for every assignment for Michel to insert into her folder as the reference.
breaching longer coursework into small portion and giving feedbacks on each portion
when it's finished
providing managerial frameworks for all symphony assignments (For example, maps,
frame for expressive and also expository paragraphs)
transporting a weekly results to home signifying the amount of tasks and coursework
provided and completed every week
Michel's parents decided to make a chart coursework completion data at their house and
provide Michel ten marks every time she completes the coursework at school and these marks
can be utilized to buy anything she wants. Michel's parents also decided that these marks can
be used to spend on hobbies like watching movie in theatre, meals in restaurants.
Michel's class teacher told her parents to call them after one month to discuss the efficiency
of the strategies and also to upgrade the plan.
Accommodation/Support Plan
Name – Michel Smith
Grade – 10th
Plan Date – 3rd January 2002
Review Date – 2nd February 2002
School – Mount Carmel School
(1) Indicating the student's strength areas
Academics -
Reading – X

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Essays – X
Writing ability –
Mathematics – X
Spelling reading – X
Personal Skills –
Leadership ability –
Interacting with other students – X
Memory Sharpness –
Humor Sense – X
Honor to Elders – X
Shows Power to Work – X
Areas of Interest -
Movies – X
Shopping – X
Artwork –
Computer and Games – X
Music – X (Guitar)
(2) Signifying Areas to think affects student's skills of learning at the
Academics –
Memory –

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