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10th social science em

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Assignment Class:10 Subject:Social Science Unit 1 History Topic: 1.Outbreak Of World War I And Its Aftermath. Part – A I Choose the correct answer 1. In which year did Japan force a war on China? a) 1870 CE b) 1894 CE c) 1881 CE d) 1890 CE 2. The second Balkan war ended with the ________________. a) Treaty of London b) Treaty of Versailles c) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk d) Treaty of Bucharest 3. What were the three major Empires shattered by the end of First world war? a) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottomans b) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia c) Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy d) Spain, Portugal, Italy. 4. At the end of 19th century ____________ was emerged as the strongest country in East Asia . a. China. b. Japan c. Korea d. Mangolia 5. Who said “Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism”? a) Lenin b) Marx c) Sun yat Sen d) Mao Tseturg Part – B II Very Short Answer 6. Name the countries in the Triple Entente. 7. What were the three militant forms of nationalism in Europe? 8.What do you know about French warfare? Part – C III Short Answer 9.Discuss the main causes of the first world war? 10.Explain the course of Russian Revolution under the leadership of Lenin? 11. Mark the following countries on the World Map? 1.Great Britain 2.France 3. Germany 4.Italy 5.Morocco Part – D IV Answer the following in detail 12. Highlight the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles relating to Germany. GEOGRAPHY UNIT-1 India – Location, Relief And Drainage Part - A I. CHOOSE ...
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