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Costa Rica S History And Culture

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Running head: COSTA RICA’S HISTORY AND CULTURE Costa Rica’s History and Culture Name Institution 1 COSTA RICA’S HISTORY AND CULTURE 2 Costa Rica’s History and Culture History The history of Costa Rica dates back to the pre-Columbian Era that lasted between 1200 BC and 1501 A.D when immigrants from the Bering Straits extensively occupied the region. It is also worth noting that the inhabitants of Pre-Columbian Costa Rica were purely nomadic people who lived on hunting and gathering. Over time, the communities adopted agriculture for subsistence. Cultural interchange in the region was triggered by the Maya and the Aztecs, who lived in micro-communities (Imagenes Tropicales, 2014). With time, the communities began developing small administrative hierarchies, and chieftaincies marked the hallmark of administration. The native communities also practiced animal religion. A turn of events for Costa Rica occurred in 1502 when a European explorer, Christopher Columbus, reached the destination in the fourth exploratory voyage to the new world (Pacific Trade Winds, 2018). Christopher reached the Costa Rican coast on 15 September 1502, where the residents welcomed him. At the time of its discovery, Costa Rica was inhabited by four preColumbian natives; including the Diquis, Chibchas, Caribs, and Borucas. Twenty-two years after Columbus’ discovery of Costa Rica, in 1524, the country was conquered by the Spaniards, who would dominate the country for the next 300 years (Raum ...
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