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Final Ppt Environmental Crimes In International Law

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International Law
Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University
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Environmental Crimes in International Law STUDENT’S NAME OR STUDENTS’ NAMES D E PA RT M E N T A F F I L I AT I O N , U N I V E R S I T Y A F F I L I AT I O N COURSE NUMBER: COURSE NAME INSTRUCTOR’S NAME A S S I G N M E N T D U E D AT E Environmental Crimes  Environmental crimes are illegal acts which directly harm the environment.  They are mostly as a result of human activities.  Examples of environmental crimes include illegal logging, illicit trade in wildlife, smuggling ozonedepleting substances (ODC), illegal disposal of hazardous substances, and illegal fishing (UNEP & United Nations Environment Programme, 2016). International Law  Environmental crimes are transnational.  Organized criminal groups are involved.  Contravenes several international treaties.  There is need to have an international collective effort to combat environmental crimes.  International conventions and bodies have sought ways penal enforcements. Environmental Criminal Law  International environmental criminal law is an     emerging field of law. There are existing international laws which mandate the penalization of certain attacks on the environment. There are proposals to criminalize ‘ecocide’ or ‘geocide’ on an international level. The efforts made are limited in scope. International environmental criminal law faces several impediments. Challenges facing International Environmental Criminal Law  Limitations due to the nature of ...
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