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A Rose For Emily 32

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Surname 1 Student’s Name Tutor Course Date A Rose for Emily: Tradition vs. Change – Modernity Introduction Before the American Civil War, the South’s economy heavily relied on plantation agriculture that was owned by the wealthy who exploited the poor for labour. In this setting, the wealthy white farmers were treated like aristocrats, the poor and middle-class whites as commoners, and the blacks like property – aristocratic culture. However, the aristocratic ideals, culture, and institutions in the South were quickly changing – the aristocratic neighbourhoods were being encroached, agriculture supplanted with industries, and generation of authorities (Moffitt page 17). In William Faulkner’s short story, A Rose for Emily, the eccentric life of Emily Grierson is used to highlight the resistance and tensions surrounding the changes experienced in the South due to her change in character and the fear of the hardships that change could bring. Change in Character At the beginning of the story, Emily is presented as an eccentric recluse. Miss Emily was trapped by society and an abusive father who forced her to stay in her role. Being her father’s only daughter, Emily was completely controlled by the father until her death but continued to control her even after his death. She was completely separated from the town and limited her interactions with the people. Miss Emily refused to accept that her father was dead – lived in denial – and forbid the townspeople fro ...
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