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Hadoop Technology Revised

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1 Running head: HADOOP TECHNOLOGY Hadoop Technology Institutional Affiliation: Date: HADOOP TECHNOLOGY 2 Hadoop uses a distributed data file system. Data is not stored on a single computer but on several computers. These computers in turn communicate with each other on that network. The advantages of distributed data systems is that data is shared effectively, the different database administrators have different degrees of autonomy thus proper management and also, it is very reliable as data is available at all times when needed regardless of failures from one system-part. Hadoop is a very scalable platform for storage. Huge amounts of data can be stored in Hadoop and distributed. It uses affordable servers that work together in a parallel way. This way, it processes many data at a go. A company that uses Hadoop is at an advantage to those that still run on traditional database systems. Hadoop is cost effective thus affordable. Its architecture is scale-out, meaning, data that is not in use can be stored to be used later on. It is able to store hundreds of pounds in a terabyte. With traditional database systems, processing large amounts of data is expensive. Unlike them, Hadoop is very affordable and economical. It is very flexible. It supports both structured and unstructured data. It thus allows easy access to sources of data. This way, data value is easily generated. Hadoop can therefore be used by an organization of business to harvest data from sources like social ...
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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.


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