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Science And Application 2

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Health & Medical
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Running head: SCIENCE AND APPLICATION Science and Application Name Institution 1 SCIENCE AND APPLICATION 2 Documentary: Food-Delicious Science: Food and the Brain Part I: Documentary The documentary focuses on how food affects the brain and what happens to the human brain after consuming a certain type of food. The brain of a fetus in a mother’s womb is developed by the amount of food consumed. On 14th according to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 2 billion adults are overweight. It further explains how people are affected by obesity, which is a wild wide epidemic (Documentary Yesterday, 2017). Junk food and sugar play a significant role in causing obesity but human beings continue to eat them. This Topic is important because it deals with the brain more especially when human beings consume a lot of sugar. When a person consumes excess sugar, it activates the brain reward system that is associated with addiction. It has the same result addiction with that of drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Studies show that artificial sweetness can cause you to eat even more than you would have. There is no reason why individuals want to take more but it is associated with people with obesity. Proteins are the best food for the brain, but when the brain is fed with junk food, which is everyone favorite, it damages the brain functioning and prevents it from growing. I learned that Human beings have to feed the brain with right food for proper functioning and to av ...
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