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Biomechanics of knee 3

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BIOMECHANICS OF KNEE 3 MENISCI • Medial and lateral menisci • Improve Tibiofemoral congruence by forming concavities into which the femoral condyles sit • Distribute weight-bearing forces • Reduce friction between the tibia and femur • Serves as shock absorbers • Fibro cartilaginous disks with a semicircular shape • Medial meniscus is C-shaped lateral meniscus forms four fifths of the circle. MENISCI • Both menisci are open toward the intercondylar tubercles, called the anterior and posterior horns firmly attached to the tibia. • Thick peripherally and thin centrally. • Relative lack of mobility of the medial meniscus due to greater ligamentous and capsular attachments may contribute to its greater incidence of injury. • Anteriorly, the menisci are connected to each other by the transverse ligament. • Both menisci are also attached directly or indirectly to the patella via the patellomeniscal ligaments • Menisci are connected to the tibial condyle by the coronary ligaments • Medial meniscus is attached to medial collateral, anterior cruciate, and posterior cruciate ligaments. • Through capsular connections, the semimembranosus muscle connects to the medial meniscus • Lateral meniscus is attached to the posterior cruciate ligament and the medial femoral condyle through the meniscofemoral ligaments • The tendon of the popliteus muscle attaches to the lateral meniscus ROLL OF MENISCI • If femoral condyles sits on tibial plateau, st ...
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