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Spiritual Needs Assessment And Reflection

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Running head: SPIRITUAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND REFLECTION Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection Name Instructor Date 1 SPIRITUAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND REFLECTION 2 The interview To conduct the interview I had developed a five-question questionnaire which was very critical in getting information on what these patients’ spiritual needs are. Patient X, the fiftyyear-old married woman did stand up for the test. The old lady, a mother of two who is currently in college opted to be interviewed orally. Below are the questions and the responses she gave: Question: How do you consider yourself, a religious or a spiritual person? Response: Oh yes, I am a Christian by faith. I love God, and He is the center of my life. I must do the gods calling, and every day I wake up I have to give thanks to him for granting me life. I also try to live a righteous life by being kind to others and try not to judge others. Question: Which denomination or faith do you belong to? Response: as I had said, I am a Christian, under the denomination – Catholic. I go to church every Sunday at St. Mary Magdalene which is uphill. Sometimes, I go for Adoration on Fridays, and to bible study for the women on every Wednesday. Question: Now that you are hospitalized, would you like any support from members of your church? And if any which kind of support would that be? Response: The best thing I would love my church family would be the visit they could pay me. More I would love to receive prayers from my ...
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