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Understanding The New Testament

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Running head: UNDERSTANDING THE NEW TESTAMENT Understanding the New Testament Name Institution 1 UNDERSTANDING THE NEW TESTAMENT 2 Understanding the New Testament The New Testament, based on the Hebrew Bible is the second part of the Christian Bible; the first part is the Old Testament. Christians regard both the Old and New Testament as sacred scriptures. The New Testament entails the teachings of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Jesus Christ according to the New Testament was born in the modern Palestine a place called Bethlehem (Harris, 2014). He was born to a family of Jews, and his followers believed that he was the Messiah foretold by some of the early prophets. Word of mouth first the stories and teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. They were later written down about between 20 and 70 years after he died. The early writings were in Koine Greek and Aramaic language because the Jews and Greeks spoke these languages (Munday, 2016). These Greek and Aramaic writings were then translated into modern English between 1500 and 1800 (period of early modern English). The first primary translation of the Bible began after the introduction of the Tyndale Bible, and the first com ...
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