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Running Head: CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud Computing Name of Student: Name of Professor: Course Title: Date: CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud Computing Introduction Over the years, companies and organizations have been looking for innovative ways of handling their business information. With the advent of cloud computing, their need has been met, and the positive and the negative effects of cloud computing have been perceived. The current paper will provide an analysis of the merits and demerits of cloud computing, security concerns of utilizing cloud computing and the growth in the use of the technology among organizations. Cloud computing will continue to grow as the environment of choice for organizations of any size. Cloud computing is the practice of renting computer resources from a provider instead of owning the resources. Large companies are seeking to expand their operations whereas small companies are trying as much as possible to achieve the required economies of scale. This presents a situation whereby the amount of data that is produced by the company’s increases on a daily basis. Not only does the storage of data files become easier, they can also be accessed regardless of a person’s location (Armbrust et al., 2015). This is necessary whereby businesses expand into remote areas and also globally. The growth in the level of use will also be spurred on by the innovations that individuals and companies are coming up with in a bid to enhance their service provision. Moreover, ...
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