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Police Brutality

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Surname1 Name Professor Course Date Police Brutality Police brutality has in the recent past become one of the most controversial issues, especially in the United States of America. Cases of police brutally killing and harassing innocent members of the public have become quite rampant. Significantly, most of the cases involving police brutality have been said to racially based as it mostly involves white police officers confronting people of color. This has triggered the attention of various civil rights bodies, a move that has seen the organizing of numerous campaigns as a way of resenting the treatment that police are giving them. In essence, the fight against police brutality has now become a significant issue in the U.S. with some considering it a fight that they are probably not about to win (King). This paper looks at the history of police brutality, the current trends on the issue, and how the world’s reaction towards it. The History of Police Brutality Whereas police brutality has become quite rampant in the recent past, it began long ago when the civil rights movement was finding roots and course. Initially, the police force was set up to counter the violent European immigrants who were disturbing peace in most areas of the U.S. It was from these that the African Americans got involved and eventually fell victims to brutal policing (Nodjimbadem). Following a 1927 survey in Illinois, it was found out that police activity had resulted in the killing of a large number ...
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