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Marketing Plan For Amazon Fresh

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Running head: Marketing plan 1 Marketing plan Student’s name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Marketing plan 2 MARKETING PLAN OF AMAZON FRESH Executive summary Amazon Fresh is an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The Company deals with the supply and distribution of grocery products and services to the potential customers all over the world. Despite being a profit-oriented business, Amazon fresh is also giving back some of its benefits to the society by adopting CSR initiatives. Some of the CSR programs being undertaken by the Company include the environmental efforts initiative, community economic development, disaster management, and education (Griseri, et al, 2010). There are various factors that affect the macro business environment for Amazon Fresh. Some of these factors include competitive forces, political forces, legal forces, economic forces and technological forces. The SWOT analysis outlined the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of Amazon Fresh. Some of the strengths include robust branding of the products, high-profit due to high purchasing power by the consumers, an effective innovation strategy, transparency & accountability, high-quality products, customer satisfaction, and quick delivery of the products within the 24-hour period. Some of its weaknesses include inadequate distribution system, for instance, the limited number of trucks that should operate daily, high prices of products sometimes due to fluct ...
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