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Unit 6 Discussion

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Social Science
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Running head: UNIT 6 DISCUSSION 1 Unit 6 Discussion Name Institution UNIT 6 DISCUSSION 2 Unit 6 Discussion Different aspects of the development of self-concept as they relate to middle childhood through early adolescence To develop a self-concept, a child mostly takes the self as an arbitrary object and then view it as others do. From a child's perspective, then, development of a self-concept involves an integration of self-perception with the rest of people's perceptions. A child's self-concept forms itself as each new piece of information is selected, interpreted, and then absorbed into a context of preceding self-knowledge. The self-concept thing is not fixed or static entity; it acts as a dynamic structure. Some aspects of this variation recurrently in response to the existing interchange between individual and social connections (Broderick, 2003). The aspect of self-concept development in the middle childhood is seen in the children's identity that develops to become a more complex but abstract and multi-faceted in her early childhood. Children in this stage stop thinking of themselves only as established by singular as well as concrete attributes besides comparisons and thus start to define themselves as more according to the perceived self-concept personality physiognomies and psychological abilities (Broderick, 2003). Also, children in their early adolescence develop a more multifaceted picture of who they are and what they are proficient of, and they start to r ...
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