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FUNCTIONS OF COMMUNICATION PREPARED BY: MADEL PEREZ OBJECTIVES • • • Memorize the 5 functions of communication. Describe each functions of communication Predict which function is being used in a situation. Functions of communication r to how humans use language for different purposes. It s us to know how to communicate at the right time, place, situation. 1. CONTROL Communication has the ability to regulate the behavior of human beings. It has the ability to govern the nature and amount of activities people engage in. Such as, doctor’s prescription, parent’s instruction, and making orders. 2. SOCIAL INTERACTION Communication enables us to interact with other individuals. Through interaction we design rules, institutions, and systems. It helps us to create and maintain bonds, intimacy, relations, and associations. For example, asking a friend “How are you?” or “Let’s have a dinner together.” 3. MOTIVATION Communication lets us to express our desires, need, wants, likes and dislikes, inclinations, choices, and aspirations. It allows us to encourage people to work hard or do their best. Like, encouraging your team mates by cheering or rooting for them. 4. INFORMATION The core of communication is to share or to provide and attain information from others. For instance, the government gives protocol on how to deal with the pandemic. 5. EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION Communication activates the manifestation of our internal emotional rate. It is an impo ...
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