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Google Finder App Marketing Plan

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Running head: GOOGLE FINDER APPLICATION MARKETING PLAN Google Finder Application Marketing Plan Name Institution 1 GOOGLE FINDER APPLICATION MARKETING PLAN ` 2 Executive summary Google Company is one of the largest technology companies in the world commanding some of the most used online products Gmail and Google search which have catapulted the company to unprecedented levels of success. Introduction of a new product into the market requires critical focus and development of key strategies that will ensure that there is successful product development that conforms to the demand of customers in the market. Google Company is a well-engaged company within the technology industry with some products that are performing extremely well in the market. The company has focused on developing a strategic product that aims at utilizing the existing gap where they can be able to have a positive influence on individuals who are trying to access different products offered by Google Company as well as collaborating with other companies to improve customer experience. The Google Finder Application is an all in one application that will seek to integrate different products and services offered by Google to customers. The strategic focus of the Google finder application will be key to the successful implementation of the market. Currently, there is no such application in the market that means it will create a better environment where the company can improve its overall focus in the marke ...
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