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SOC 120 week 3 checkpoint Social Construction of Reality




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Social Construction of Reality 1
Social Construction of Reality
Dawnette Dunkley
Axia College of University of Phoenix

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Social Construction of Reality 2
Social Construction of Reality
A few roles that make up of my ascribed status in society include being a female, a daughter,
and a sister. I am the ninth out of 10 children in my nuclear family, and as one of two girls in a
household with eight brothers, help to influence my outlook on life in general. I was aware that
among my siblings exist two distinct generations and my position as the ninth child within this
family structure makes me a part of the younger generation of siblings.
The older set of siblings sets the tone and with the guidance of my parents, lead by example.
They were such high achievers that from an early age I thought in order to keep up with them
academically or otherwise, I would have to be perfect and failure was not an option.
My family dynamic helps to shape my reality and over the years, I find that being a
perfectionist carries over into just about every aspect of my life. If I had doubts that I may not
excel at something, I would usually not attempt to even pursue it. This perfectionist attitude I
believe, is largely responsible for my fear of failure, which causes me to miss out on many
opportunities in life, including me not pursuing higher education earlier.
Today, I can view more objectively why I grew up believing I could not compete within my
family dynamic because I now realize that with all the achievements of my other siblings, most
of them are quintessential A-type personalities, and for my voice to be heard within that group
was almost futile.
Ironically, my achieved status as a student, and especially in high school, I usually emerge as
a leader among my peers. I was president of the student council and played active roles on debate
teams and cheerleading teams among other activities. I believe my large family with its different
personalities helps me in the way I interact in school. I could interact with just about everyone; I
was comfortable being friends with the popular crowds and the outcasts alike, as affiliating with

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Social Construction of Reality 3
any one clique or group did not necessarily appealed to me. I believe that the social construction
of my family greatly influenced my social status, the way I relate to others as well as my social
interactions in general.

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I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!