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Economic Espionage Assessment Report

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Running Head: ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE ASSESSMENT REPORT Economic Espionage Assessment Report Name Course Tutor Date 1 ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE ASSESSMENT REPORT 2 Economic espionage is a term used to define and describe the act of acquiring policy information with regard to the economic or trade realms of a foreign state or government, where the information is acquired unlawfully without the knowledge of the Victim Company or government. At the end of it all, the government that is victim to the act undergoes massive losses that affect its running as well as how business is conducted internally and externally. Information unlawfully acquired then ends up being a gain for the foreign government while the other party experiences losses. Information stolen may range from records of the company’s personnel, the list of the suppliers and clients to the company, trade secrets, and personal data, financial data that is confidential as well as plans on marketing or prototypes. In this case, the focus is on economic espionage committed by the Chinese government on some United States’ companies which end up suffering massive losses in the process. The company, American Superconductor, underwent these losses while working with China’s Sinovel which took advantage of the partnership through accessing information on the source codes which drove the American company’s business (China and Cyber security, 2015). Investigation Plan In order to have the economic espionage in this case be ...
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