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Chapter 21: Drugs for Parkinson’s Disease Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A patient has taken levodopa [Dopar] for Parkinson’s disease for 2 weeks but reports no improvement in the symptoms. Which response by the nurse is correct? a. “Another agent will be needed to manage your symptoms.” b. “Double the dose to see whether an effect occurs.” c. “It may take several months for a response to occur.” d. “The prescriber may need to change your drug regimen.” ANS: C A full therapeutic response with levodopa may take several months to develop. Until the true effect of the dose is seen, it is not necessary to change to another drug, increase the dose, or change the drug regimen. is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m PTS: 1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Application REF: pp. 178-179 TOP: Nursing Process: Implementation MSC: NCLEX Client Needs Category: Physiologic Integrity: Pharmacologic and Parenteral Therapies 2. A nurse provides teaching for a patient who is newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Which statement by the patient indicates understanding of the drug therapy for this disease? a. “A levodopa/carbidopa combination is used to improve motor function.” b. “There are several drugs available to treat dyskinesias.” c. “When ‘off’ times occur, I may need to increase my dose of levodopa.” d. “With adequate drug therapy, the disease progression may be slowed.” ANS: A Levodopa combined with carbidopa is the initial dru ...
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