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Organizational Culture G

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Organizational Culture Name: Course: Introduction ➢Organizational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of an organization (Schein, 2014). ➢They have a strong influence on people performance and how they dress and act. ➢Every organization has shared values that direct how they behave. Nurse engagement and Organizational values ➢ The values of an organization determine how the healthcare professionals retain their personal cores. ➢ The core competencies which support the professionals’ measure, are likely to influence them positively. ➢ When values are contradicting, they influence negative results and outcomes. ➢ For nurses, values affect them positively thus increasing commitment. ➢ Getting engaged in work means one is continually motivated to fulfillment. Nurse engagement and organizational values, cont’d ➢ They may be exhibited as a commitment as well as used energetically. ➢ Nurses who believe in an organization’s values become motivated and remain dedicated. ➢ Committed nurses who subscribe to values lead to improved patient care. ➢ Dedicated nurses lead to improved patient safety. ➢ Co-operating with one another will ensure healthcare services are delivered in a quality manner (Kelly, 2016). ➢ Regards to organizational values allow nurses to work more efficiently. ➢ Nurse involvement results in ameliorated patient outcomes as well as safety. Appropriate communication reduces challenges in an organiza ...
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