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Amazon case study Presentation NAME INSTITUTION DATE Introduction  Amazon has been focusing much on growth this     slowing its profit making. For instance, in 2014, the company made a loss of $24 million on revenues of $18 billion. On the other hand, Alibaba, which made a profit of $3.9 billion over revenue of 12.3 billion. As a result of the poor management, the company had to balance growth and profit making. The organization started off as a physical book seller. ❑ The company offer various services and products. ❑ It offers software services such as electronic hardware ad online video streaming. ❑ It also offers mobile applications and e-book services. ❑ The major sources of income include retailers, web-based services and shipping. ❑ Growth in the company is based on audit retail mobile technologies and communication technologies. ❑ The company is now focused in profit and that is evidence as the data from 2015 shows. 80 REVENUE Current State of the Business Amazon Revenue from Shipping Services in $ Millions 60 40 61 0 37.9 0 20 11.5 0 16.7 0 27.7 0 21.7 0 0 2015 2016 2017 2018 YEAR 2019 Amazon Revenue and Profits in $ Billions 177.86 232.88 7 64.106 12.421 2017 280.52 2 14.541 2018 Revenue 386.0 64 2019 Profit 22.899 2020 2020 Amazon Businesses  The main businesses for Amazon include: ✓ Shipping ✓ Web services ✓ Independent retailers Supporting business and technology strategies behind th ...
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