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BY: FARAH .S.CHOUDHARY THE BUSINESS SCHOOL, 1 UNIVERSITY OF JAMMU INTRODUCTION Micro finance is a term used for the practice of providing financial services, such as micro credit, micro savings or micro insurance, to poor people. It is a kind of movement by socialist peoples that would guarantee access of poor peoples to not only credit but also other financial services as saving, insurance, fund transfer etc. The very basic objective of microfinance is to reduce or eliminate POVERTY. 2 INTRODUCTION As suggested by the name, micro finance, most transactions involve small amounts of money, frequently less than Rs.5,000. Some governmental organizations define micro finance as amounts below Rs.25,000. Microfinance has been hailed as one of the greatest innovations in attempts to alleviate poverty in the third world in the recent history. 3 CHRONICLE OF MICROFINANCE 4 CHRONICLE OF MICROFINANCE 5 CHRONICLE OF MICROFINANCE 6 CHRONICLE OF MICROFINANCE 7 CHRONICLE OF MICROFINANCE 8 STRUCTURE OF MICROFINANCE 9 FINANCIAL PRODUCTS Insurance Plans  Pension Plans  Trade Microcredit  Group Micro Credit  Emergency Micro Credit Micro Mortgage Micro Leasing Micro Saving Term Deposit 10 ASIAN MICROFINANCE MARKET INDICATORS FIGURES No. Of Borrowers 5.0 m Gross Loan Portfolio US$ 12,992 m No. of Savers 59.1 m Gross Savings US$ 6,660 m Depth of outreach 17.9% Efficiency 17.2% Debt-Equity ratio 5.0  TRENDS ...
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