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Week 4 Check Point Population Size.




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Week 4 Check Point Population Size
The four factors that cause changes in the populaon size of any area are birth rate, death rate,
emigraon and immigraon. If the birth rate of something if faster than the death rate then the
populaon will grow, just as is does with the human populaon. Then the factor of immigrang
to a new country or area also helps the populaon grow for that area. Then the factor of
emigraon is the act of leaving an area or country and decreasing the populaon size. This is
what is happening to North America and South America. North America is receiving more
immigrants every year raising our populaon while South America is decreasing because of the
emigraon from their countries.
In the video we were assigned to watch I feel that the Nutria will eventually end up killing a
large part of their populaon o". By reproducing in vast numbers each year these creatures are
unknowingly depleng their food source. A$er their numbers are higher than what the area can
feed most will end up starving to death while others might even migrate to other areas. Unless
the populaon of the Nutria is stopped form outgrowing the food source in their area I feel they
will decline sharply in populaon unl the food source can replenish itself once again. This
would only start the cycle over, unless there is some kind of intervenon from the government

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