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ECONOMIC ANALYSIS GDP Inflation Fiscal Deficit Interest Rates Monetary Policy INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Banking Demand Prospects  Untapped Rural Market  Strong Village Loan Demand  Congresses Pledge for Development Policy of Government  Rs 100 cr one-time grant to expand banks in unbanked areas  Banks and insurance firms to remain in public sector  IIFCL to re-finance commercial bank loans up to 60 per cent in critical objects through PPP to tune of Rs 1,00,000 cr Product Differentiation  Central Bank  Public Sector Banks  Private Sector Banks Old generation private banks New generation private banks Foreign banks operating in India Scheduled co-operative banks Non-scheduled banks  Co-Operative Banks State co-operative Banks Central co-operative banks Primary Agriculture Credit Societies  Development Banks/ Financial Institutions Competition IDFC – Industrial Development Finance Company COMPANY ANALYSIS Growth Of The Company Financial Ratios Quality of Management Share Price Trend INDUSTRY ANAYLYSIS STEEL PURPOSE  The purpose of industry analysis is to review prevailing conditions within specific industry and its segments.  The company's industry obviously influences the outlook for the company. “It is often said that a weak stock in a strong industry is preferable to a strong stock in a weak industry.” Market Scenario  After liberalization, there have been no shortages of iron and ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.