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week 6 assignment Water Resource Plan




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Water Resource Plan 1
Water Resource Plan
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Water Resource Plan
The main problem discussed in the video is the reduction in the large fish population. The
reduction of the fish population goes back to one of the other problems facing the world, our
population. Since the world’s population has grown larger by every year that passes, the need for
food increases. Thus the reason for overfishing the world’s oceans is obvious, population growth,
more fishing is needed. In order to supply enough food for the people of the world we need to
catch the fish.
Since there is always going to be a need for the fishing industry and for the fish they catch we
need to look for a way to better the fishing while at the same time keeping the fish population at
a level where they will not go extinct. One way of doing this is by creating enough hatcheries,
where the government can control the amount of fish raised and released back into the oceans.
This might sound easy but the sheer size of a salt water hatchery will cost millions. As it stands
right now, there are numerous hatcheries, small and raise fish that are not being overfished.
Instead they are raising fish that are used in sports fishing such as the red tail fish in Florida. I
feel that if we can sustain an ocean aquarium with all kinds of marine life, then there can be
some large salt water hatcheries to raise tuna, swordfish and even halibut if needed. By
reviewing what good can come from this type of project there should be no hassle in getting it
off the ground, but with everything there is always those who will oppose.
One of the problems that can be seen right from the start is the room needed to raise these
types of fish. Whether it is the swordfish or the tune, they need a lot of room to run as well as a
fresh supply of live food. These fish are predators in the open waters of the ocean feeding off of
hearing, crabs, flies and whatever else they can catch and eat. Being carnivorous and very fast

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swimmers, these majestic fish will accept as food whatever gets in their path (Suzuki, 1991). So
if one is to take on a project of this magnitude they have best be prepared for the size of the
project. One of the other negative reactions might be the beach front property needed. With the
fisheries being salt water, they will need a constant flow of fresh salt water to keep the fish
healthy. Other than the size of the fisheries needed, there should be no real problems or people
feeling negativity towards a project like this.
The people who will view the plan might think that while being very expensive to start the
project should show some positive results within a few years. The increase in the fish population
would not only be very accepted, it might even help lower the price of these targeted fish. Once
the project starts it might be proven to work so well that even other fish could be raised in this
manner, stopping the need for banning other types of fishing.
While these fish are struggling to survive there are other issues with the commercial fishing in
the ocean. One of the main problems that can be seen worldwide is the use of nets to catch
certain types of fish. Apart from the nets harming the ocean floor by destroying fish beds,
crustaceans and the habitat of other bottom dwelling species, the nets catch everything not just
the targeted species of fish. It is estimated that for every 3.7 million pounds of targeted fish these
commercial fishermen discard 1.06 million pounds of untargeted fish (Rosenberg 2005). If we
could eliminate even half of the destruction we are causing then we are making progress.
Progress that everyone can be proud of and say that they were around to help. With the
installation of hatcheries we could eliminate the need for this useless destruction, not to mention
the other opportunities they will produce.

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