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Administrative social and judicial system after 1858

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Administrative, Social and Judicial System After 1858 Study Materials ADMINISTRATIVE, SOCIAL AND JUDICAL SYSTEMS AFTER 1858 ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS City Improvement Acts The English suffered huge monetary losses during the mutiny of 1857. During that time the Royal Army Sanitary Commission made certain recommendations towards public health. It was not economically feasible to act on these recommendations by the central authority. So, decentralization became inevitable, and in this environment, the importance of local bodies, which would collect local taxes to meet the expenses of public services, grew. Therefore, the City Improvement Acts werepassed for Chennai, Punjab and other centrally administered provinces. Mayo's Resolution (1870) In 1870, decentralized local governments acquired powers in the spheres of education, public health and financial matters alter the resolution passed by Lord Mayo. In 1882, the Municipality Act was issued to organize municipalities and to entrust them with looking after local funds. Ripon's Resolution (1882) Lord Ripon made an important resolution in 1882 for local self-governing bodies by entrusting the responsibility of managing their affairs in the hands of Indians. The Government now controlled the new municipalities and corporations and externally and internally they were administered by the elected Indians. Only control over sanction of funds and execution of work was in the hands of the Government. Ripon’s resolution did not bring th ...
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