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Week 8 assignment Energy Resource Plan

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Energy Resource Plan 1
Energy Resource Plan
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Energy Resource Plan
One of the biggest problems we as humans face is the over use of natural energy
resources. With the constant growth of the human populace and the needless overuse of the
natural resources that we once thought of as everlasting will soon run out. This is why we need to
try and conserve the remaining resources we have; if not the future generations will not have the
needed resources to continue their survival. After all fossil fuels have been consumed by us all
machinery that requires this type of fuel will cease to operate.
Due to the shortages of natural and nonrenewable energy resources such as fossil fuels,
coal, and natural gas, scientists are discovering what they call renewable energy sources. The
renewable energy sources are hydropower, wind power, geothermal power and solar power.
There are other sources of renewable energy but at the moment are still very costly to the public.
What makes the nonrenewable resources and renewable sources different is simple, we cannot
reproduce fossil fuels and this type of fuel takes millions of years to produce. Coal is almost the
same; it takes so many years and under great pressure to produce that we cannot replicate the
process. Renewable resources are types of energy that with our current level of technology we
can duplicate and produce with less pollution to our environment.
With the use of energy we are actually introducing pollution to or environment, whether
or not we mean to. The more we use the more we help pollute our environment, what we need to
do is reduce our use of these energy sources. If we want to help reduce our energy usage one way
to carpool to and from work, drive only when it is needed and buy hybrid automobiles. Another
way to help would be to buy energy saving appliances for the home and only use lights in the
rooms where we are at. The rest of the house should have all of the lights turned off when no one
is in them.

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When we speak about helping our environment we need to look towards our government
for help. One way the government could help is by building geothermic power plants, these
power plants can supply an almost unlimited amount of power at a fraction of what we are
paying right now and the plant also creates no emissions pollution. One other way that the
government can help is by allowing the automobile manufactures to produce cost effective
hybrids. If they could force them to lower their prices than most people could afford the hybrid
cars thus further reducing the earth’s pollution problems.
One thing to remember is that we all rely on these energy resources, without them we
might as well be living in the dark ages. The governments of the world as well as the human
population need to try and conserve the remaining resources we have left and install programs
for the use of renewable sources. We as humans have been the destruction of countless life forms
on our planet, now it seems that we might be our own destruction if actions are not taken. We
need to stop looking at the past at what we had and start looking towards the future at what we
will have, at this rate nothing.

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