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Week 8 Check Point Energy Resource Challenges




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Week 8 Check Point Energy Resource Challenges
The three renewable energy alternaves described in the video were solar energy, wind
power and biomass fermentaon. Solar energy is the conversion of the suns light and heat into
energy. This unlimited source of energy can be used for all electrical needs in the home or in
industries. The wind turbine generates energy by kinec energy provided from the wind. Lastly
there is the biomass fermentaon; this process uses organic material made from plants and
animals. Biomass is then converted to usable forms of energy like methane gas or
transportaon fuels like ethanol and biodiesel.
The one source that scks out in my mind is hydro power. It has been around for centuries,
starng out by turning paddlewheels and carried on to the electricity producing dams we all
see. By the constant !ow of water there is a kinec energy produced that is transferred into
One of the biggest challenges facing us today is the price of changing what we already have.
If someone was to change their home from a standard electric consuming home to a solar
powered home, it would take tens of thousands of dollars to convert. If it was cheaper most
people would probably do it but right now the price is the issue. As for the other renewable
sources I would say that this is also the main problem.
Some of the challenges facing the human populaon with nonrenewable resources are that
they will eventually run out; there is not an unlimited supply of these resources like previously
thought. One other problem or challenge is that with a diminishing supply of these resources
and a higher demand the prices will eventually go so high the average person will not be able to

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purchase them. Then the $nal challenge I can see in the future is the need to change from
nonrenewable resources to renewable resources. The lack of educaon dealing with these
problems is a major concern, if people were educated on what is really happening then we
might have a chance in saving what li&le bit of nonrenewable resources we have le'.

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