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week 9 Final project Mitigation Strategies and Solutions




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Mitigation Strategies and 1
Mitigation Strategies and Solutions
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Mitigation Strategies and Solutions
One of the main problems facing the human race is overpopulation. While there are some
areas on our planet that are not populated due to extreme environmental hazards such as the
weather, the other areas that are capable of sustaining human life have become extremely
crowded. The cause of this population growth is due to people wanting to have large families, the
lack of birth control and in some cases the lack of ability to purchase birth control supplements
in certain areas of our planet. Also one of the major problems which are a direct cause of our
overpopulation is that most people do not know what is going on, or lack of education on this
subject. If we look at all of the possible causes for our overpopulation problem and try to
determine a root cause I feel it would be due to the lack of education on how to help control our
The fact that we as humans can overcome and adapt to most environmental hazards
proves that we have the ability to control our problems. It also provides us with the ability to
conquer other areas of the planet in which to populate and contaminate. However, if we cannot
educate the populace on the extremity of the problem then they will not realize it even exists.
This is where we need help from everyone, from the schools to the governments of the world.
The current world population is around 6,706,993,152 people and growing at a rate of 1.16%
yearly, that is a daily increase of 212,970 people a day (CIA-The World Factbook, 2009, p. 1). At
this rate we can expect our planet to reach a population level around 74,484,333,652 people by
the year 2050. As it is our planet can barley support the population it has, imagine what is going
to happen if our planet reaches a population as high as that. With the resources we use for
everyday living we will eventually exhaust the supplies the world has because of the

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overpopulation we are dealing with. Once that happens our reduction in population will happen
without our help, it could even mean the complete extinction of the human race. We as the higher
life form on this planet need to take action before we destroy ourselves as well as everything else
living on the planet.
The extreme increase in our population has caused many problems worldwide. We have
the overfishing in our oceans, the overuse of our natural energy resources and the extinction of
many species. The future looks pretty grim if the population keeps rising the way it is doing right
now, more and more of the reductions to our resources, species and food products will continue
and at a faster rate. This is not to mention the affect the higher population rate will have on our
economy, more people to feed, more jobs needed where there are none and more and more
people finding they are without the ability to support their families. The affects of overpopulation
can be seen in all these areas as well as our pollution problems. It is only obvious that the root of
most of our problems stem from this one major problem. The most formal way to combat the
problem is educating the populace of what is happening.
Education is the key to reducing our problem. If we cannot put the brakes on while we
are as full are we are, imagine trying when the population doubles again. The key is providing
the correct information to the populace and showing examples of what is going to happen. The
education needs to start at the beginning of one’s educational career and continue all the way to
the end. The educational plan needs to be funded by the governments of the world and
implemented in even the most secluded areas where humans live. This will be the easiest part,
educating people on the various ways of birth control; the hardest part will be to have the people
use the contraceptives. However, as other countries have come to realize, there are other ways to
combat the population growth. This form of strict governmental involvement does not come

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