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Introduction to Variance in Decision making

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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Purpose The reason for doing an ANOVA is to see if there is any difference between groups on some variable. For example, you might have data on student performance in non-assessed tutorial exercises as well as their final grading. You are interested in seeing if tutorial performance is related to final grade. ANOVA allows you to break up the group according to the grade and then see if performance is different across these grades. ANOVA is available for both parametric (score data) and non-parametric (ranking/ordering) data. Types of ANOVA One-way between groups The example given above is called a one-way between groups model. You are looking at the differences between the groups. There is only one grouping (final grade) which you are using to define the groups. This is the simplest version of ANOVA. This type of ANOVA can also be used to compare variables between different groups tutorial performance from different intakes. One-way repeated measures A one way repeated measures ANOVA is used when you have a single group on which you have measured something a few times. For example, you may have a test of understanding of Classes. You give this test at the beginning of the topic, at the end of the topic and then at the end of the subject. You would use a one-way repeated measures ANOVA to see if student performance on the test changed over time. Two-way between groups A two-way between groups ...
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