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Water treatment

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9/14/2018 WHAT IS WATER TREATMENT? It is the process of removing pollutants/ contaminants from raw water to produce safe water for human use • UNIT OPERATION (PHYSICAL METHOD) A N D THEIR APPLICATION IN WATER TREATMENT Operation Screening • Method used for the treatment is related to the contaminants in a given water supply Microscreening Aeration (gas transfer) is brought Physical Unit • Change about by application Operation of physical forces Method Mixing Flocculation Chemical and • Change is introduced by means of chemical Biological and biological Operation reactions Method Sedimentation Filtration Membrane Filtration UNIT PROCESS (CHEMICAL/ BIOLOGICAL METHOD) AND THEIR APPLICATION I N WATER TREATMENT Operation Application Coagulation Used for chemical treatment of water by precipitation and adding and initial mixing of chemicals Disinfection Used to destroy the pathogenic organisms that may be present in raw water Precipitation removal of dissolved ionic species such as calcium and magnesium (hardness) Ion Exchange Used for the selective or complete removal of thedissolved cationic and anionic ions in the solution Adsorption Used for the removal of a variety of organic compounds suchas thous responsible for color, taste and odor Chemical Oxidation Used to oxidise various compounds that may be found inwater such as those responsible for taste and odor Application Coarse Screen ‐ Used to protect pumps from floating solids Fine Screen ‐ ...
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