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Oceanic Temperature and Salinity

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OCEANIC TEMPERATURE AND SALINITY INTRODUCTION: • Solar radiation is absorbed by sea water and stored as heat in the oceans. This absorbed energy may evaporate seawater and increase its temperature and salinity. • Heating a substance usually causes it to expand and lower is density and when it cools, its density increases. The addition or subtraction of salts also causes seawater density to change. • If salinity high so water will be denser. • Pressure increases with depth, so if pressure increases, density also increases. • Temperature and salinity are two factors that determine vertical thermohaline circulation in the ocean. EFFECT ON DENSITY OF WATER: • Density is dependent upon: temperature, salinity and pressure. • Temperature is inversely related with density, so cold, salty water is much denser than warm, fresher water and will sink below the less dense layer. • Circulation in the depths of the ocean is referred to as thermohaline circulation. • The deep ocean is layered with the densest water on bottom and the lightest water on top. • Salinity has a direct relation with the density of water. • Pressure also has a direct relation with density. TEMPERATURE: • • The Sun hits the surface layer of the ocean, heating the water up. The temperature of the surface waters varies mainly with latitude. e.g. the polar seas (high latitude) can be as cold as -2 degrees Celsius. • Temperature varies with the ocean basin and depth LAYERS OF THE OC ...
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