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Running head: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH CRITIQUE APPRAISAL 1 Qualitative Research Critique Appraisal Student Name University Affiliation Date QUALITATIVE RESEARCH CRITIQUE APPRAISAL 2 Qualitative Research Critique Appraisal 1. What type of qualitative research design was utilized to conduct the Study? The qualitative research design used in conducting the nursing research and evidence-based practice was PICPOT format, diagnosis questions, etiology questions, clinical problems, and article support (Grove & Gray, 2018). The clinical practice results will be analyzed using the following qualitative analysis findings in the healthcare sector. The research study was analyzed using qualitative research appraisal activities. The research study design incorporates the verses and logistics in the research study process. The healthcare centers are in the position to create sustainable measures in mitigating health-related challenges in society. 2. Are the results Valid/ trustworthy and Credible? The clinical results that were collected were valid and effective in medical practice. By using the qualitative analysis method, the clinical department was in the position to find nursingspecific practices in the healthcare system. i. How were the participants Chosen? The participants were chosen from different medical health centers where their views were collected through questionnaires, surveys, and scholars' findings. The participants were chosen based on age, the position of work, and wo ...
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