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SCI 245 Capstone Checkpoint




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The science of geology is very important to civilization for many
dierent reasons. Geology has helped us to search for minerals,
such as ores like iron and copper. Before the study of geology, we
were not able to accurately search for the exact locations of oil.
Additionally, geology has helped us to determine which locations are
safe to build highways and cities. Our planet's history has also been
discovered and studied because of the science and understanding of
geology. Geology is a study that is present in all aspects of life. Two
examples of how the science of geology is important to civilization
are #ood control and hurricane protection. The study of geology
assist us in determining hurricanes by the locations of tsunamis,
earthquakes, landslides, and marshlands. Geology is everywhere in
the world, from man-made structures, landscapes, plants and
animals, and rocks and mountains are all related to the science of
geology. Mostly, I believe that geology is the most important to
civilization because it helps to search for oil and coal. Besides that,
it is used to (nd gemstones and metals, and of course to predict
earthquakes. The science of geology is important for us to know
because one should know how the Earth we live on reacts, and how
to use its resources.

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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.