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SCI 245 Fossil Fuels and Minerals CP Week 8




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Fossil fuels are organic matter that is trapped in sediment or
sedimentary rock, which are made up of hydrocarbon materials.
They come from the remains of plants and animals, while most of
their energy comes from the sun due to photosynthesis. Over a long
period of time, fossil fuels have been creating themselves from the
decomposition of plants or animals. As the decomposed matter
builds up over time, fossils are preserved. When vegetation dies, it
is compacted and receives pressure, while sediment and additional
vegetation builds up. During this process, temperature is increased,
which then causes the vegetation to become fossil fuels.
Minerals come from di!erent rocks and dirts and have originated
when the Earth was #rst created. Minerals are found on the Earth's
surface and have been cycled in the magma and lava to be cooled.
One example of a mineral is salt, in which there are many salt mines
throughout the Earth's surface. Crystallization of the magma occurs
as it cools. However, there is another way that minerals are formed.
During the evaporation of water, the formation of salt minerals
occur, which is called calcite. Other minerals can be formed by the
precipitation of hydrothermal )uids deep below the Earth's surface,
as well as by alteration of heat and pressure, called metamorphism.
Fossil fuels are organic materials that have been protected
underground. While this material is under the Earth's surface, the
heat of the Earth's core will burn the material. Additionally, the soil
that is above the core creates a chemical reaction forming a fossil
fuel. However, minerals are inorganic compounds that are found on
the soils, dirts, and rocks of the Earth. Minerals are formed and
crystallized by the climate change, and is also a result of chemical
reactions due to the composition of soil and rocks. Therefore,
minerals are mined and processed to create gold, copper, silver, etc.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.