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SCI 245 Plate Tectonic Theory WK 3




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There are a few things that are theorized when it comes to tectonics. One of
the things that makes tectonics interesting is the fact that all of the
continents can be placed together to make a puzzle. All of the pieces t
together perfectly which really makes sense that at one point the continents
were one giant piece. There was also the overwhelming evidence that was
produced by fossils found on the continents that were the same. This showed
that the continents organisms must have evolved together. This is very
strong evidence in proving the theory of the continental drift. Alfred Wegener
came up with the theory of the continental drift.
It does work like this boiling pot of water. There are hot gases below the
surface that helps push upwards on the earths layer, such as in this water
where the water at the bottom of the pot is the hottest. The water pushes up
to the top and the water moves sideways to allow more hot water to rise to
the surface. At this point, the water at the top cools, becomes more dense,
and then sinks. This is the same as mantle convection. Mantle convection is
another way to explain the separation of the continents.

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Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.