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4-101:Citations only some things can
be charged by cops
4-103:preliminary Hearings. Requires
4-201:charging doc. See 4-211 filing,
4-212(h) service, 213(prelim hr)
4-203:Joinder-crime, See 2-253 (trials)
4-204:limits on criminal amendment
4-408:leave to appeal in PCR
4-212:warrants and summons service.
See Crim. Pro. Art. 1-203. R. 1-361.
See CJP 6-305 (just passing throug),
and 9-304 (just passing thought)
4-213:Bail. See Crim. P. 5-101, 202,
R. 5-213 (initial app.), 4-216(f)
(review) CJP 3-707 (review)
4-216:bond amount.
4-221:Preliminary Hearings. Held in
District Ct. for felonies. 4-213(a)
(requst 10 dys)
4-241:crim. Bill of particulars
4-242:Pleas. NP counts can be
reinstated on appeal if agreement
breached. (g). See R. 5-410 (nolo
4-243:Plea agreement. (Binding and
approval) and jeopardy. See 5-410
4-245:Prior conviction notice (5 days).
Applies to pleas. See 5-609, CJP 10-
4-246:CC jury trial waiver. See CJP
8-408-9 for objections
4-247:Nolle Prosequi. See 4-329 4-504
(expunge) and CrimP. 10-104, 10,105,
5, 6, CJP 9-106(dv)
4-248:stet. Year limit. See Crim. P. 4-
208, 4-329 (expunge)
4-251:Motions/DCT. See Crim 4-252,
3-815 (transfer juv); 4-201 (venue) R.
4-323 (objections);

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4-253:Crim. Joinder and sever. See 4-
203 (30 day deadline). . Differend
stnds for bench and jury trial. See CJP
8-408-9 for objections
4-254:Change of Judge. See 4-361.
C.f. VOP std.
4-261:Crim. Depositions. See 2-
401(f), 2-414, 2-416, 2-416, 7(b)(c)
(g) (protectiveorder). See CJP 6-305
(just passing throug), and 9-304 (just
passing thought)
4-262:Discovery-DCT. See 4-
263(d)(1)(lineup/photo/prints)15 days
for testing. See CJP 10-1001
4-263:Discover-CC (physical testing
demands 15 days). Incl exp
4-264:CC-pretrial subpoena. See 4-
266. Also see
4-265:trial subpoena See 4-266, 4-631
(compelling) 4-642 (same). CJP 10-
4-267:material witnesses. See 4-
266(d). See 1-361
4-271:speedy trials. See Crim. P. 6-
103 (trial date). r. 4-213 (initial
4-301:jury trial prayer. CC, follow DC
procedures (except Hicks). See R. 7-
104-8, . But see CJP 4-301
4-314:NCR. See CrimP 3-105, 109-
120. CJP 12-302(e),
4-323:Objections (requiring renewal
and how to deal with things s/t cross)
4-234:MJOA -- © deemed withdrawal
and renewal. See Crimp. 6-104
4-325:Jury instruction objection
before deliberations start
4-329:Expungement 4-505(d)
(default) and Crim P. 10-105(d)(2)
4-331:New trial motions 10 days/90
days see r. 7-104(b) and 8-202(b)
4-340:reporting drug convictions
4-341:PSR and confidentiality. See 5-
608 (notice of priors) and Crim P. 7-

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