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Transforming Businesses through Supply Chain Management.

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Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management Supply Chain: the sequence of organizations - their facilities, functions, and activities - that are involved in producing and delivering a product or service. Facilities  Warehouses  Factories  Processing centers  Distribution centers  Retail outlets  Offices Functions and Activities  Forecasting  Purchasing  Inventory management  Information management  Quality assurance  Scheduling  Production and delivery  Customer service Supply chain management SCM Sources from Associates In India Packaging & Transportation Consolidation of Consignments Unloading/Loading & Customs Clearance Shipment & Consignment Tracking CUSTOMER PLANT Warehouse Unloading/Loading & Customs Clearance Typical Supply Chain for a Manufacturer Supplier Supplier Supplier } Storage Mfg. Storage Dist. Retailer Customer Benefits of Supply Chain Management  Lower inventories  Higher productivity  Greater agility  Shorter lead times  Higher profits  Greater customer loyalty Capacity Wise Commercial Vehicles available in market:-Weight Carrying Capacity Vehicles 0-1.5MT Tata 207DI ,Mahindra Pick Up 1.5MT-3MT Tata 407/Tata 709/ Ashok Leyland 3 MT-5 MT Tata 1109/ Eicher 5 MT-7 MT Eicher E2/ E3 7 MT-9 MT Trucks 20’ Container 15 Tons Tata/ Ashok Leyland/ Volvo 40’ Container 25 Tons Tata/ Ashok Leyland/ Volvo TRAILORS 1)20’ Container Trailor(22 MT-24 MT) 2) 40 ...
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