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Public Health News 1

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Public Health
drexel university college of medicine
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Name:    Covid-19 affects all kinds of people, and it makes a person lose their sense of taste and smell, following other symptoms like confusion, change in behavior, stroke seizure, blackout, and trouble focusing Getting the vaccine can help boost the immune and avoid brain damage of the same kind to Alzheimer's disease There is a possibility that there are cytokines and inflammatory substances produced by the brain and body's reaction    The entry of harmful immune cells, longlasting and more severe, entering the brain. The brain barrier prevents the entry of T cells and even our immune cells to the brain because they could be dangerous to the brain. .The Covid-19 allows access to these and many moiré cells to the brain, thus affecting the person's function. There was some infiltration of the T-cells to the patients who died of Covid-19.    Moderna is reducing the expectations for the number of Covid-19 vaccine deliveries and their revenue in 2021. The company is expecting a sale of $15 $18 billion, which is against the predictions in the m The company engaged in expanding the capacity and ensuring there is a positive change in the business. onth of august of $20 billion.    Moderna company target to increase the production with the available services The company has increased its capacity, and thus, positive changes are yet to be seen. It expects to deliver 700 – 800 million which is a lower than the expectation of ...
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