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POS STUDENT’S NAME INSTITUTION AFFILIATION PROS • The pros associated with includes; the vend that get into inventory integrated for the CRM and management. • The loyalty program is brought about by the customer with the CRM. This is a bit recommendable; there is a result of phenomenal of shopkeepers in vending reporting capabilities. PROS • For support services, ones pay for the support there is a guarantee of set-up assistance that is constant. • There is enough support for management features and orderly process. • Long and large payment being convenient to be handled in this case is guaranteed(Wood). CONS • The pros associated includes, when there is much out of luck in case there is WI-FIs in access. • The register can not take cash sales since it is still functionality limited. • The vend, in this case, do not have the capabilities of employee management for punching in and out even when it simpler. • There is also the problem of lacking support to multiple of sales on this platform. Another thing is the complaint of the people due to the charge of the services being on rising than their expectation. MONTHLY SERVICE COST • There is monthly services cost since the client are entitled to pay for support services where a setup assistance and constant training also offered in this option. • This directly shows the relationship between the POS and the general nature of the job intervention all over the services that are set to satisfy the ...
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