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Nr 324 final exam review

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NR i324 iFinal iExam iReview 1. Types iof iTraction Skin: iWeights iattached ito ipatient’s iskin ito idecrease imuscle ispams iand iimmobilize ithe iextremity ibefore isurgery. iEx iBryant itraction i(for ihip idysplasia iin ichildren) iand iBuck i‘s itraction ifor ihip ifracture iin iadult ipatients). Skeletal: iScrews iare iinserted iinto ibone. iUsed ifor ilong ibone ifractures isuch ias ifemur, itibia, ifibula, ihumerus, iulna, iradius, imetacarpals, iphalanges iand imetatarsals. Halo: iused ifor icervical ibone ifractures. iNurse ishould imake isure iwrench ito irelease irods iis iattached ito ithe ivest, iso iCPR ican ibe iperformed. Nursing iinterventions • Assess ineurovascular istatus ievery ihour ifor ithe i1st i24hrs iand ithen ievery i4 ihours. • Do inot ilift ior iremove iweights • Do inot ilet iweights irest ion ifloor i(make isure ithey iare ihanging ifreely) • Muscle ispams iare iexpected iand ishould ibe itreated iw/meds, irepositioning, iheat, ior imessage. iUnrelieved imuscle ispasms ishould ibe ireported ito iprovider. • For ihalo itraction, imove ipatient ias ia iunit iand ido inot iapply ipressure ito irods. • Monitor ifor iskin ibreakdown 2. Lupus Autoimmune idisorder ithat icauses ichronic iinflammation iin ithe ibody. iThere iis ino icure. iThere iarei2 itypes. iSystemic i– iaffects ithe iconnective itissues iin imultiple iorgans. iDiscoid i- iaffects iskin i(butterfly irash). Risk ifactors: iFemale, iages i20-40, irace i(Africa iAm ...
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Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.