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Catholic Vs. Orthodox Christianity NAME INSTITUTION Catholicism  Maintains its origins and establishment from Christ Himself with Peter as the first visible head of the church.  The church follows the teachings of Jesus Christ together the old testament and Jewish laws  In the initial times (early 380 AD), the Roman Catholic Church was recognized as the only legitimate form of Christianity.  There was, however, a formal separation that formed the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox in 1054 AD. Orthodox Christianity  The Orthodox Christianity can be traced back to the first split from the Roman Catholic church that formed the Eastern Orthodox church.  Their doctrine establishes a history that can be traced back to the Apostles of Christ who appointed their successors as Bishops.  This process of succession is known as the Apostolic succession that later established five Patriarchates that are used a basis of organizing the Christian world. Four of these still remain Orthodox Core Beliefs  The Roman Catholics and the Orthodox Christians both formed the initial forms of Christianity.  The fact that they share a common Origin is the first fact that they were part of the unit.  Their differences did not, however, form from radicle point and hence despite the split their beliefs and doctrines are very similar Similarities Between Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism  The Roman Catholicism as established before was the ...
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